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商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


The exterior skin wrapped in a random wooden lattice and seasonal plants on the balcony create a soft impression.

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


Illuminated balconies and ground level plantings add color to the cityscape at night.

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


We create a three-dimensional façade by the shape of a corner cutoff peculiar to a corner lot and the randomly cut out balconies.

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


An exterior skin with a sense of unity and wooden lattices is formed by a latticework of the sash and inter-story sections are aligned.

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


Wooden lattice seems like growing toward the sky, and the interconnected plants give an organic impression like a "big tree".

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


The entrance has an eye-catching light that leads visitors, and the mirror on the back wall creates a depth to space.

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


(3rd floor tenant)Consolidation of facility space allows for a highly flexible layout.

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


(5th floor tenant)Balconies on each floor serve as a space for user’s relaxation space.

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


(6th floor tenant)High sashes are installed on the balcony side. Many windows are also installed on each side to increase ventilation efficiency.

商業建築 テナントビル Yao Tree Project


The greenery balcony can be used for a variety of purposes and can also function as an evacuation space in the case of an emergency.

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Yao Tree Project




The Steel six-story tenant building is in Yao City, Osaka. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, we have considered the availability of natural ventilation to be an important factor that has an impact on occupancy rates. It has the theme of “A building where the breezy wind blow”, we created to realize feasibility of the business and rational cost balance, and to appropriate for the commercial area in front of the station with a lot of traffic.

To take advantage of the corner lot, and tenants on each floor are arranged so that they face the road with good environmental conditions. The necessary functions of the building consolidate to the back side of the building in a rational plan to maximize the area used on each floor. Each tenant has a balcony to create a relaxation space and to feel nature even indoors, and the large openings enable efficient natural ventilation. In addition, it has high safety features such as a temporary evacuation site in case of fire and a two-directional evacuation route.
Seasonal plants on the randomly arranged balconies add color to the city, and the exterior wrapped in wooden lattice gives an organic and soft impression like a "big tree”.We hope that the building keeps an ability to attract customers and to become a landmark in front of Yao Station.


Tenant building
Site area
Total floor area
Structural scale
Steel 6F
Toshinori Yagi


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