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商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


The floating wooden box gives a soft impression. Plants placed on each balcony add color to the town.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


The illuminated wooden boxes create the city softly at night with a different look from the daytime.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


The significantly set back from the surrounding buildings to create more space on the front street.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


Seasonal plants and a garden with waterfall are welcoming visitors.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


Andon and indirect lighting softly illuminate the Asagi-hued plastered walls at the entrance. The flying geese-pattern configuration gives depth to the space.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


The lounge is two steps down from the main level, which shifts the line of sight from the street and shortens the distance from the water surface.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


2F guest rooms (CAMEL):The room has a spacious wet area and can be partitioned by a Shoji for the comfort of a mid-term stay.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


2F guest rooms (CARAVAN):Wooden lattices and Shoji screens give rhythm to the space while creating shadows.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


3F guest rooms (FOUNTAIN):The Room is spacious enough to accommodate 5-6 people. Tatami rooms, decorative walls, and other Japanese elements are mixed with an oriental atmosphere.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS

4・5F客室(PALM TREE):旧建物からの調度品や既存建具を再構成し新旧を織り交ぜたラウンジ。吹抜けを貫く螺旋階段が拡散された光を柔らかく落とす。

4th & 5th floor guest rooms (PALM TREE):The lounge is a mixed of old and new, reusing furnishings from the old building. A spiral staircase softly the diffused light.

商業建築 テナントビル ゲストハウス SMITH OASIS


5F Private Garden:A semi-courtyard where time passes leisurely with the sound of a waterfall. A cantilevered staircase on the wall with a waterfall leads to the rooftop garden.

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大阪 東心斎橋エリアに建つゲストハウスプロジェクトです。

「都会のオアシス」をコンセプトとし、ビル群や店舗街に緑や潤いを与える建物としてお客様をもてなしたいという事業主様の強い要望により、通常であれば容積消化により高層化が可能であった敷地に対して、敢えて道路より大きくセットバックした空地に庭園や水庭を配し、建物規模もRC造5層に抑えたボリュームとしました。 ゲストハウス運営は、事業主様が1人1人丁寧に対応を行えるよう室数を4室に限定し、無理なく維持管理を行えるようにしながらも、各室は約40㎡~140㎡のメゾネット型までゆったりとした客室面積を確保し、それぞれが違うテーマ・プランで多種多様な宿泊モデルに対応可能な構成としています。

This project is in the Higashi-Shinsaibashi area of Osaka, which once prospered as a blacksmith town.

There was a hardware company on this lot that had been in business since the owner's predecessor. In this area, there are now many medium-term stays (ex. renting private homes) that are popular among foreign tourists.
The client had a strongly request to create an "urban oasis" concept, a building that would provide greenery and enrichment to a shopping district. Although the building was possible to taller, it was intentionally set back significantly from the road, and it scale kept to five stories. The number of rooms is limited to four so that the owner can offer hospitality to each guest. Each room is spacious sized, ranging from approximately 40 to 140 square meters, and each has a wide variety of different themes and plans.
The exterior walls are composed of black plastering, with warm wooden boxes emphasized. We choose plaster in the interior with traditional Japanese colors so that guests from overseas could experience Japanese culture and aesthetics. The shadows of the Andon (Japanese-lanterns), latticework, and Shoji (paper sliding doors) make the changing time more clearly. By reusing many materials from the old building for decoration and fixtures, we aimed to create a building that fosters new culture while inheriting its history.


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