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商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


The finely angled wooden louvers evoke the soft swaying of a breeze.

商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


The staircase is external to maximize floor space, and a steel frame structure is adopted to allow for a compactly fit.

商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


The facade evokes a sense of human activity through the motifs such as "noren" and "yoshizu."

商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


We considered details that would look best from the intersection of Main Street.

商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


The wooden louvers float softly to the street at night by the lighting installed in the copings.

商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


The measurements of the louvers were adjusted while also considering the sight lines from the front of the building to the inside of the tenants.

商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


The building name sign integrated with the louvers reminds one of a "noren" wavering in front of a storefront.

商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


Each name sign has a sharp three-dimensional effect with floating cut-out letters.

商業建築 テナントビル Asakusa Six 浅草シックス


The goal was to create a building that blends in with the bustling Asakusa area yet is strong enough not to be buried under it.

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Asakusa Six



This 3-story RC tenant building stands beside Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, one of Tokyo's most famous spots. The site faces a lonely side street that branches off from the intersection of Rokku Street, lined with many restaurants, and Denpouin Street, a well-known tourist street. Therefore, compared to the main streets filled with so many tourists day and night, the site was extremely few people. In planning a tenant building under such circumstances, the design theme was how to attract people passing through the intersection.
The main body of the building is constructed of RC Rahmen to increase asset value, while the staircase is compactly attached externally as a steel-frame structure to maximize floor space. By covering them with characteristic wooden louvers in the motif of "noren" or "yoshizu," we created a facade that evokes human activity and responds to the location of "Asakusa." The goal was to create a building that blends in the bustling Asakusa yet is strong enough not to be buried under it.


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